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Bellicoso Antonio

Fraz. Molisso, 5/A, 14048 Montegrosso d’Asti, AT – tel +39 3201463908 – fax +39 0141953233 – – Production managers: Antonio Bellicoso (Owner, Oenologist and Marketing Manager) – Founded year: 2003 – Produced wines: 4 – H15.000 – Acres: 4 – Purchased grapes/wine: only own grapes – Eyes – Fyes – Gno



Barbera d’Asti Merum 2014 98 Consistency: 33 – Balance: 33 – Integrity: 32

Sensations: there are very few cases
where you can feel an emission so lyric
of the unique strength of aroma of the
Barbera. The absolute concentration
of the wine under consideration, which
spreads in an exceptional, complete, tannic-acidic-soft harmony, makes
possible such a formidable aromatic
expression. A sweet wave of violet and
sour cherry of high frequency in aroma.
A pure and intact expression. Finally
it sparkles its very persuasive varietal
shiny pulp, in essence and in color. By
far one of the best red wines of Italy, and not starting from now. Chapeau.

Informations: O – J02/05/16 – LB – H3.000 – KBarbera

Producer’s impressions: Intense, deep and powerful wine but also a wine of good drinkability; here the wood releases aromas which exalt its incredible potential.



The history of the Winery began in 2003, when the agri- cultural technician Antonio Bellicoso decides to quit his job as consultant to begin to be a farmer in the farm of his parents, turning it into the current winery, located in one of most important wine areas of Piedmont. During the winemaking process the main prerogative is to not dilute the natural organoleptic characteristics of the product, through excessively invasive pro- cesses, trying to offer the consumer a product of great quality.

OTHER WINES   “Amormio”  BArBerA 2015

C:31-B:29-I:31-O-H:7.000-K:Barbera FreisA d’Asti 2015 C:31-B:28-I:31-O-H:3.000-K:Freisa

Concluding Notes

IP: 91 IP: 90

Concluding Notes

Only in few wines you feel the nature coming out without limits, blemishes and borders. One of them is of course the Barbera d’Asti Merum 2014 produced by Bellicoso. In its deep purple color of weft and warp, each exudate of sap, soil, glycerin and sun, in its dense pulp, is extracted with a balanced, soft and harmonious intensity. With respectful oenological executive clearness, that has dulled or offended nothing of such varietal, native splendour. Firmly among the best italian red wines, a wine at the apex of its own glow. With the intensity of the violet of the Freisa d’Asti 2015, the integrity of the Marasca cherry of the Amormio Barbera 2015, to confirm the vinicultural and oenological excellence of a such passionate product.

Overall Quality Index:
Overall IP: 93 (0%); QQT: 5,45
Overall Index: C: 31,66 – B: 30 – I: 31,33

Premio Gambero Rossopremio Slow Wine


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